What Makes an Awesome Social Media Post?

What makes an awesome social media post?

There’s never a one-size fits all format for any social media post, but there are several qualities of a successful social media post that when used improve the quality and success of a post.

As social media managers, we have seen our clients who use these features within their posts skyrocket their reach, engagement and even sales. Today, we’re sharing how you too can make your posts awesome!

5 Qualities of a Successful Social Media Post

There are exceptions to ‘the rules,’ though generally a successful social media post contains the following characteristics:

  1. Trend focused – as trends both inside and out of your industry change, so must your social media content. Staying relevant is important but choosing which trends to follow is equally so. This means making choices about trending content and information that fit within your business model.
  2. Entertaining – social media is predominately where people go to relax and catch up on what’s been happening to family and friends. It’s also super busy, so for your content to be noticed, it needs to grab your followers’ attention. Key to remember is that for your audience to want to see it is that it is targeted at what they want, but relevant to your business.
  3. Engageable – social media is all about community, a feeling of belonging and being able to join in. The use of hashtags that followers can identify with helps them to feel that they belong and with encouragement, will use these in their personal posts too. The use of open-ended questions and the willingness to step in with your point of view when conflict occurs are important too.
  4. Visual – on brand visuals are super important! Graphics, cartoons, photos and videos should certainly be used where appropriate. Visuals are great conversation starters and help to develop brand awareness too.
  5. Pay off – there needs to be something ‘in it’ for your followers. They need to feel like they are benefiting from the effort they make in viewing and engaging with your business. What incentives can you offer them?

Remember also that your posts need to specifically focus upon your target market and occur on the same social media platforms as your audience. Our articles Tips for Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business and Your Step by Step Guide to Identifying Your Target Market explain these aspects in more detail.

If creating social media posts isn’t your thing, we can help. Let us do the hard work of managing your social media accounts for you, including creating highly effective posts! We look forward to hearing from you.