5 Quick Tips About Twitter

Five quick tips about Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that can be very fast and there can be a lot of noise. You only have 280 characters to get your message across. To cut through the clutter, here are 5 quick tips to maximise your time on Twitter.

  1. Lists
    Create your own lists of Twitter profiles you like or want to watch – great for watching what your competitors are doing without actually following them. Your lists can be public or private. You can also find and follow other people’s lists – all the work has been done for you.
  2. Hashtags
    Follow topics by searching for them using hashtags eg. #socialmedia will bring up all tweets with that hashtag in it. It’s a really easy way to follow a topic without having to wade through other tweets or find who is talking about at that time.
  3. Keep it Short
    You only have 280 characters per tweet, but did you know making your tweet shorter is even better? This gives room for it to be retweeted and leaving at least 20 characters for their handle to be added to the retweet is ideal.
  4. Trending topics
    If you’re wondering what everyone is on about or catching up on the latest news, check the Trending Topics. This can be customised for your local city, or you can choose any place in the world to see what’s trending.
  5. Engage
    Twitter is a very social place. To get the most out of it, you need to be tweeting, retweeting and having conversations. After all, you don’t want to be the wallflower at the party do you?

There are many more tips for Twitter. What are the top tips that do or don’t work for you?