One common mistake most Facebook page managers make

There’s a really common mistake most Facebook managers make when publishing their posts. Are you doing it too?

If you manage a Facebook business page you know all about the ideal post length and how to craft a post including choosing an ideal image, right? And you know how to find out the optimum day of week to post it, right? And you know the ideal time to post it? Wrong.

Everyone knows how to find the top time of day your Facebook fans are on Facebook, but here’s why you should NOT schedule it to go out at that time. Say what?

Ok, here’s how it works. Let’s say your fans are on Facebook at the peak time of 9am. If you schedule your posts at 9am you are competing with all the other pages whose peak time is 9am. What a clutter of posts at 9am! So what do you do? Wait until a few minutes after the hour so your post is the latest and won’t just be bundled in with all the posts published exactly on the hour.

Bingo! You climb to the top of the newsfeed and don’t have to compete with the other posts.

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