Scheduling: Why it is your new best friend

Do you ever wonder how people keep on top of all those social media posts? The answer: scheduling.

Scheduling your posts is such a simple way to increase your productivity and give you more time to focus on other things.

So how do you schedule like a pro?

For Facebook we recommend you schedule straight on Facebook itself as they won’t give as much kudos if you use a third party application. Once you’ve created your post, click the down arrow next to Publish and use the calendar to pick the time and day your want your post to be published.

Tip: On your Facebook Page go to Insights > Posts to find out the top time of day and day of week your fans are on Facebook

Twitter and LinkedIn
For Twitter and LinkedIn scheduling you can use Simply connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, set up a schedule of when you want your posts to be published and start filling it up with content.

Tip: Check your Twitter Analytics for the best time to post. As LinkedIn is B2B, post Monday to Friday during business hours.

Instagram doesn’t allow scheduling as the whole purpose for the platform is that it is instant and spontaneous, however there are third party applications where you can create your posts and then set a reminder to publish it on Instagram. Our favourite is which gives you 30 free posts per month.

Instagram hashtags allow your posts to be found, so use as many as you can up to the maximum 30.

Once you get into the routine of creating posts and setting them to be published, we guarantee scheduling will become your new bestie.

Need help getting started? Get in touch and let us help you.